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Virtual machine backup workflow

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Phoenix backs up virtual machines based on the schedule defined in the backup policy, or if a backup is triggered from Phoenix Management Console. The backup workflow is explained below:


Virtual machine backup workflow

Step Operation

Step 1

Virtual machine backup request is initiated based on:

  • Schedule defined in the backup policy.
  • On-demand backup

Phoenix forwards the backup request to the agent.

Step 2

Phoenix agent verifies that the VSS service is running. If the VSS service is not running, Phoenix agent starts the VSS service and instructs VSS to create a snapshot.

Druva recommends that you enable Backup (volume snapshot) under Hyper-V Integration Services. If the Backup (Volume snapshot) is enabled, the VSS service can create a snapshot without interrupting services on the virtual machine. 

Phoenix agent validates if snapshots are created successfully and initiates the backup job.
Note: Integration Services are available for virtual machines with Windows guest OS. However, Microsoft provides Integration Services for certain Linux distributions also. For more information, see: If integration services are not available for a virtual machine, Phoenix cannot take a snapshot and backup fails.

Step 3

Phoenix determines the type of backup. 

  • If this is the first automatic backup, Phoenix performs a full backup. 
  • For all subsequent backups, Phoenix performs an incremental backup. 


Step 4

Agent estimates the data for backup

Step 5

Agent backs up the data based on the VSS provided snapshot

Next steps

If you want to configure Phoenix for backup and restore, see:

To learn more, see:

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