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Quick steps to set up Phoenix to back up files and folders

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Steps to set up Phoenix to back up files and folders

The following diagram depicts the steps to set up Phoenix to back up files and folders.

File Server setup workflow


The following table summarizes the steps to setup Phoenix to back up your File servers.

Task Number Task Description
Get ready to prepare your File servers for backup
1 Ensure that you have adequate storage Depending on your data needs, the Druva Support team creates and assigns storage. To request for additional storage, write to the Druva Support team ( Alternatively, get in touch with your account executive. 
2 Log on to Phoenix Management Console

To begin, log on to Phoenix Management Console with the credentials that you received in the invitation email.

Note: If this is your first login, the welcome screen appears. Click Get Started to set up Phoenix. 

Prepare your File servers for backup

3 Register a new server

To establish a connection between your servers and Phoenix Cloud, register the servers.

At the time of registration, Phoenix generates an activation token. Use this token to activate Phoenix agents that are installed on your servers. 

4 Prerequisites for File Server The prerequisites for installing Phoenix agent.

Windows agent installation and activation

Linux agent installation and activation

Install Phoenix agent on the servers that you want to back up. Thereafter, activate the agents to establish a connection between Phoenix Cloud and all agent instances. 

Use the token that Phoenix generated at the time of registering servers.

6 Configure file servers

After activating Phoenix agents, the activated servers appear as registered servers under Manage > Servers.

Configure these servers to ensure their readiness for backup.