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View Retention Policy Details page

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This topic provides you detailed information about the retention policies configured in your Phoenix environment.

Access Path

On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, click Manage > Retention Policies > Click the <desired retention policy>.


Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the View Retention Policy Details page.



#Servers Total number of servers following the retention policy rules.
# Server Groups Total number of server groups associated with this retention policy.
Policy Details

Provides configuration information of the retention policy.

Following information is displayed,

  • Number of daily snapshots retained.
  • Number of weekly snapshots retained.
  • Number of monthly snapshots retained.
  • Number of yearly snapshots retained.
Server Groups List of server groups associated with this retention policy.


The following table lists the actions on the View Retention Policy Details page.

Action Description
Remove Retention Policy                 You can delete a retention policy using the Remove Retention Policy button. For more information, see Delete a retention policy.
Edit You can edit a retention policy using the Edit button. For more information, see Update a retention policy.
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