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View Registered VMware Setups

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Phoenix lists all the VMware vCenter Servers and Hypervisors that are registered with Phoenix. You can click on individual VMware setups, view details, manage and control virtual machines configured for backups.

Access Path

On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, click VMware.


Field Description

Following information is displayed for each of the registered virtual machine setups.

Field Description


  • For vCenter Server - Name of the vCenter Server registered with Phoenix is displayed.
    Click on the name to view details for ESX servers and virtual machines managed under this vCenter Server.
  • For ESXi Hypervisor - IP address of the ESX Hypervisor registered with Phoenix is displayed.
    Click on the IP address to view details of virtual machines managed under this Hypervisor..


The following table lists the actions on the View Registered VMware Setups page.

Action Description
Register New Setup You can register vCenter Server or ESXihypervisors to enable data backup from the virtual machines associated with the backup proxies. For more information, see Download backup proxy and generate activation token.
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