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Manage Retention Policies page

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This page provides you information on the various retention policies configured in your Phoenix environment.

Access Path

On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, click Manage > Retention Policies.


Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the Manage Retention Policies page.



Name Displays name of the retention policy.
#Server Groups Displays the number of server groups the retention policy is associated with.

Policy Description

Provides configuration information of the retention policy.

Following information is displayed,

  • Number of daily snapshots retained.
  • Number of weekly snapshots retained.
  • Number of monthly snapshots retained.
  • Number of yearly snapshots retained.


The following table lists the actions on the Manage Retention Policies page.

Action Description
Add Retention Policy Click Add Retention Policy to add a new retention policy. For more information, see Add a retention policy.
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