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Upcoming feature planned with January 23, 2023 Cloud Push

Support for Linux-based CloudCache for Nutanix AHV

Druva will be releasing a new version of a Linux-based CloudCache, R2, with the following benefits:

  • It will now support Nutanix AHV for all backup and restore requirements.

  • Faster RPOs & RTOs, especially for lower bandwidth sites.

  • Keep only a copy of data on-premise for compliance reasons.

Note: CloudCache R2 version is available for Nutanix AHV virtual machines deployed in the Public Cloud.

Customer action needed: You can deploy the CloudCache R2 in your Nutanix AHV environment, or VMware, or a Physical Server by using the appropriate form factors such as OVA, QCOW2, or a .deb package released with the January 23, 2023 Cloud Push.

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