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Known issues

This topic provides a list of known issues and workarounds for these issues. It also lists the issues fixed in subsequent releases. 

Known issues

The following table lists the known issues. 

Issue Description
General issues
File server issues

If you configure Linux 6.3 servers to follow the default backup policy, backup is successful with the following error:

FileAgent: Backup failed for the file /cgroup/cpuacct/cgroup.event_control in fileset root


Exclude the cgroup folder from backup. To know how to exclude folders, see Update backup content of a file server backup policy

ROBO-2025 If the file server is not reachable during a scheduled backups,  the entry is not listed on the jobs page.

File server will not backup files with names not in unicode format.


Full backup on Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit) OS is successful with errors.


During backup, exclude all the files from the following path as they do not have read permission.

  • /var/lib/lxcfs
  • /run/lxcfs
  • /run/systemd/system
SQL server issues

Scheduled differential backups in scenarios where databases are added, deleted, or renamed, are treated as full backups. However, the Backup Status Report displays the type of backup as "Differential Backup". 

Note: To know the scenarios in which Phoenix treats a differential backup as a full backup, see Differential backups


If you cancel an ongoing differential backup, then the subsequent restore to original instance will fail.


Try restore to an alternate location.

Try full backup after you cancel a differential backup


The database backup fails if it contains small Idf and mdf files (<1MB) and the auto growth for the database file is set to a small value.Idf and mdf files (<1MB) and the auto growth for the database file is set to a small value.


Change the auto growth for the databases to a reasonable large value (~100MB).


When Phoenix service is restarted after database and metadata upload but VSS records incomplete backup, all subsequent differential backup jobs fail until the next full backup is successful.

VMware issues


If Backup Proxy loses connectivity with Phoenix Cloud or vCenter Server, the connection status under the Backup Proxies tab appears as "Connected".


Wait for some time to allow the status to change. 


If you changed the name of the Backup Proxy virtual machine using vSphere Client, the changed name does not reflect under the Backup Proxies tab (Manage VMware Infrastructure > <ESXi or ESXi or vCenter Server>). 

Note: This is by design. Backup Proxy continues to work as expected even if the name change does not reflect on Phoenix Master Management Console. 

ROBO-1048 Sometimes, when you restore a virtual machine, the virtual machine properties reflect the default values. 


The restored VM fails to boot with error "Operating system not found". 
After restore, the boot sequence changes as Vmware gives priority to IDE. 


After restore, change the boot sequence manually.


If you register an instance of Backup Proxy for an ESXi or ESXi or vCenter Server using its IP address, and you register another instance of Backup Proxy for the same ESXi or ESXi or vCenter Server using its FQDN, the ESXi or ESXi or vCenter Server appears twice in the Manage VMware Infrastructure list, once with the IP address, and once with the FQDN. 


A backup that starts at the same time as the snapshot creation of a virtual machine from the vSphere Client fails with the following error:

Connection dropped before completing backup.error


Start the backup after the snapshot creation completes. 


If you attempt to delete a snapshot of a virtual machine from the vSphere Client at the time when backup of that virtual machine is complete, the delete operation does not delete the snapshot that Phoenix previously created.

Note: This is by design. Concurrent operations (in this scenario, deleting the snapshot that Phoenix created, and deleted the snapshot that was created from the vSphere Client) on the same virtual machine are not supported. 

ROBO-1130 If you added vService Dependency to a virtual machine, backups and restores of this virtual machine complete successfully. However, the restored virtual machine does not contain the vService Dependency. 


If Backup Proxy loses connectivity when the backup of associated virtual machines is in progress, the Backup Proxy attempts to establish connection multiple times and its status under the Backup Proxies tab appears as "Pending". 


Cancel the pending backup task and then wait for next scheduled backup, that will be successful.
ROBO-1143 Restores of virtual machines having one or more  Unicode characters in their names is not supported. 
ROBO-1170 If a virtual machine has many disks, and you attempt to restore this virtual machine, some UI elements on the Restore Data window might not appear as expected. 


Backups from virtual machines associated with a Backup Proxy fail if the VMware tools reset the time of the VMs to a value that is likely incorrect even if the time synchronization check box is not selected. 


Disable time synchronization. For a complete set of instructions, see Disabling time synchronization in the VMware library. 

ROBO- 1481

Backup fails with an unknown error " #100011001".


Retry backup.


Backup fails with  error "device_key" for  a VM that has 60 scsi disks.

ROBO -1531

Backup fails, if in vRDM disks the same lun is mapped on two different disks.


Unmap the lun from both disks and then map to only one of the disks.


Before restore, if vrdm disk is changed to independent vrdm, the guest repair will fail.


Vmware: Restore Fails when you try to restore a VM/Disk Restore from Higher Version VC to lower version VC.

ROBO- 1572

Restore fails when the bus sharing mode of a VM is modified. Backup will also fail if Bus Sharing mode is not set to "None".


The backup proxy utility command does not work after upgrading backup proxy.


  1. Find the current installed rpm.
    Command: rpm -qa | grep druva

  2. Remove existing rpm.
    Command: rpm -e <curr_rpm_name>

  3. Install the new rpm.
    Command: rpm -ivh <new_rpm_name.rpm>


VM restore fails with error "vim.fault.FileAlreadyExists". 
In case of standalone ESX, if the restored VM is deleted from the inventory of its folder and vmx is in the backend.


Rename the folder in the backend in order to restore the VM. 


While configuring proxy server with Agent/CloudCache, if you misspell the proxy type, the proxy will still be configured successfully with default Socks5 protocol.


During backup, if you update the proxy configuration then the ongoing backup will fail.

ROBO-2662 If the Phoenix service restarts multiple times during FLR, the initiated restore may fail if the restored folder contains files that cannot be deleted.
ROBO-3147 While activating the Backup Proxy, if it does not get connected to the VCenter. The Backup proxy will remain in the not connected state till we restart the Backup Proxy service.


The Backup activity report, displays the first VM  backup as Incremental instead of full.


If you delete a Backup Proxy during a VM backup, the detailed log request will fail with an Internal error.


If a rule (for example Rule1) is applied to a folder (for example Folder1) in a datastore, and a rule (for example Rule1a) is applied to its subfolder (for example Folder1a).

  • In the Rule1a, already configured VMs are excluded from auto-configuration (Exclude already configured VMs setting is checked.)
  • In the Rule1, already configured VMs are included for auto configuration. (Exclude already configured VMs setting is unchecked.)

If there is a virtual machine (for example VM1) in Folder1a that was manually configured. Rule1a does not auto configure VM1, but VM1 becomes eligible for auto configuration using Rule1. However, VM1 is not configured using Rule1. 


A full restore to an original location of an encrypted virtual machine does not overwrite a VMDK file.


Delete the detached VMDK file after restoring the encrypted virtual machine.

ROBO-5958 In Linux, If root folder ("/") is selected for file restore, the file level restore job ends with message "Successful with error" and the files are not restored. 


The backup proxy OVA fails to deploy on a standalone ESXi version 6.5 using the Web UI. This is a VMware issue. Druva is working with VMware to resolve this issue. 


Deploy backup proxy OVA using the vSphere client 6.0.

DRaaS issues
ROBO-2996 If you restart a DR proxy services while the DR restore is in progress, the DR restore status will reset to 0%.

Cloud DR for LVM is only supported if the LVM has file system.


If you have disabled the DR status of VM and then update the server group, then the DR status for that Vm will automatically be enabled.

ROBO-3063 The DR restore job will fail if cache network is disconnected.

If you have scheduled an “immediate after backup” option for the DR policy, and after a successful backup the proxy is down, then the job will not be created for DR.

ROBO-3169 The AWS account number on the Manage DR policy page does not match with the AWS account number on the Update DR policy page.
ROBO-3171 If you configure a VM in the region where DR proxy is absent, then in such scenario, the VM Update Server Group page does not display any policy name in the DR policy tab.
ROBO-4133 If you have backed up a  VM with distributed vSwitch and you are restoring that VM on ESX that does have access to distributed vSwitch then the restore fails with an Internal error "VMWARE_VMOMI65535".
ROBO-6070 For scheduled backup job retry, if backup job switches on multiple Backup Proxies, then the requests for job logs generate multiple but same Log Request jobs.
CloudCache issues


While editing the CloudCache details on the Edit CloudCache Details page, if you select the Backup to Cloud if unable to backup to Cache option and click Save, the check box still appears cleared. However, backup will continue to cloud if CloudCache is not connected.

You can view the current state (Enabled/Disabled) of the Backup to Cloud if unable to backup to Cache option on the Summary tab of the Manage CloudCache page.

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