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Upcoming Managed Service Center Upgrade on October 15, 2022


Continuing our efforts to improve administrator experience, Druva will update the Managed Services Center (MSC) Portal with refreshing UI & Workflow updates.

Druva will perform an upgrade across its services and as a result a few functionalities will not be available during the upgrade from 12:00 AM to 12:30 PM UTC. For more information, raise a case with Druva Support.

The following is an overview of the upcoming updates,

Efficiently Manage Customers

Create a New Customer without associating a product or tenant

Now, create a customer for record and save it. Associate a product or tenant later when you finalize the service plan and want to start actual data protection.

Additionally, when you hide the Customer Name from Druva you must now provide an alternate name in the Account Name field that will help Druva identify customer internally.


Delete a Customer instantly

If you have a customer which does not have any product or tenant associated, you can delete it immediately.

Better way to view & manage Customer Information

Refreshed Customer Details page to view & manage Customer information

Add and manage products all from a single page!


All new way to access the Customer Tenant Console

Reducing a step further, access the Tenant Console by just clicking the Access_Tenant_icon.png  icon beside the Customer Name.

Earlier Now
Old_tenant.png New_Access_Console.png

Customize Table columns for Intuitive User Experience

You can customize the table layout and choose to display the required information.


Option to export information

New Export to CSV option on Customer & Service Plans details page, that enables you to download details of specific or all customers & service plans. 

You can then ingest this information for further processing.


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