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About Managed Services Center portal

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 Managed Services Center (MSC) is a web-based portal developed for Managed service Partners (MSP). After partnering with Druva, Managed Service Partners can access the new administrative console to centrally manage their service plans and customers.

Access the Managed Service Center (MSC) portal

Here's how a Managed Service Partner (MSP) can login and get access to the MSC portal.

Log in to the MSC portal

Logging into the MSC portal requires two-factor authentication. You need to specify the email address, password, and verification OTP to successfully log into the portal. 

The account details are available in the activation email that Druva sends to the MSP administrators. Similarly, the verification OTP is sent to the registered email address. 

For every new administrator, the MSC portal sends the activation email message to the registered email address.


  • Only MSP administrators can log in to the MSC portal.

  • One administrator should be active in the MSC portal, wherein the secondary administrator can reset account passwords in case the primary administrator's account gets locked out.

  • When the MSP account is created, one sandbox account is created for the MSP with a fixed quota of 1000 CUs.


  1. Open a browser, and access the Managed Services Center (MSC) portal URL.
  2. Enter the email address and click Next.


  1. Enter the password and click Submit. After verifying the specified email and password, the MSC portal sends the verification OTP to the specified email address.

OTP _email.jpg

  1. Copy the verification OTP from the email message and paste it into the text field.


Note: Click in the first text box and paste the OTP. The entire OTP is pasted in the respective boxes. 

  1. Click Verify to complete the verification and log into the portal.

After getting access to the Managed Service Center (MSC) portal, the Managed Service Partners (MSP) administrator can configure the MSC portal according to their business requirements.

The service providers added to the MSC portal can perform the following tasks:

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