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Release Notes

December 02, 2021

This release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements pertaining to Alerts and Reports.

November 18, 2021

New Feature

Introducing Microsoft 365 data protection and Governance services via Managed Service Center portal

We are excited to bring in the Microsoft 365 data protection and Governance feature for our Managed Service Partners (MSP) to help them adapt their portfolio of services to better align with the market demands and their customer’s changing technology and Cloud footprint.

With this capability, Managed Service Partners (MSP) can now provide holistic data protection and Governance offering to their customers who use the Microsoft 365 (M365) suite.

This capability is available in addition to the currently available  Hybrid Workloads data protection.


Here are the benefits and a sneak-peek of the new offering for Managed Service Partners:

  • You can map Microsoft 365 for the customers to the tailor-made service plans (all editions), and subscribe to them to avail and use this feature. For more information, see:

  • Provision tenants for Druva Microsoft 365 Data Protection and Governance services, and manage the quota, storage details, number of users, and different statistical metrics to monitor customer health. For more information, see Provisioning a new tenant.

Customer action required: Contact your Druva account representative to enable this new offering.


Due to this new capability, the following features  for both Hybrid Workloads and Microsoft 365 will  currently not be available  and will be  available in the upcoming release:

  • Compliance Alerts

  • Reporting  will display stale data.

  • Suspend customers

  • Delete customers


Flexibility to set backup frequency and retention limits

Lower (Min) and Upper (Max) compliance limits options are now added to the Backup Frequency and Retention limit section on the Edit/Add Service Plan page.

Min and Max.jpg

With this enhancement, you can now provide Lower (min) and Upper (max) limits for Backup Frequency (Daily or Weekly) and Retention (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) while adding or updating a service plan. Based on the Lower (min) and Upper (max) limits provided, you will receive alerts if the backup frequency or retention period does not adhere to the set limits and thus helps you monitor and optimize data backup.

For example,  if you have provided 5 times (Daily/Weekly) as the Lower (min) and 10 times (Daily/Weekly) as Upper (max) limit for Backup Frequency, you will receive an alert if the backup frequency is less than 5 times (Daily/Weekly) and also when it is more than 10 times (Daily/Weekly).

For more information, see Create a new Service Plan.

Note: Compliance Alerts are currently disabled and will be available in the upcoming release.

UI improvements

With our goal to simplify the Managed Service Center (MSC) portal UI, we have made the following enhancements:

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) dashboard is now renamed to Customer Health dashboard.

SLA to Customer health.jpg

  • Credit Quota is now renamed to Quota.

Credit quota to quota_marked.jpg

  • Sorting of  Customer listing in Service Plans details page is now according to Name and Quota.

Sorting UI change for Customer listing on SP.jpg

  • Comments option is now added under the Contact details on the Customers page. Managed Service Providers (MSP) can use this feature for mentioning the contact's designation, team, or any other relevant details.

Extra comment column in customer_marked.jpg

September 23, 2021


The following enhancements have been released with today's cloud push.

Manage your customer accounts

We have enhanced the Managed Services Center portal to enable you to perform the following actions:

  • You can now schedule to delete a customer account.
    • An account can be deleted after 30 days. The customer account is set in a suspended state until the deletion process is initiated.
    • An account can be deleted after 24 hours. The customer account is set in a suspended state until the deletion process is initiated.
  • You can now suspend a customer account.

Enhanced  Jobs Details page

The Jobs Details page has been enhanced to list all Disaster  Recovery jobs. You can also backup, restore, cancel or pause a DR Job.

Multi-factor authentication

We have enhanced security by supporting multi-factor authentication for the Delete action through customer acknowledgments and sending an OTP via email. It is enabled for fail-safe administrators.

Fixed Issues

Issue Description


Cloud Platform Console intermittently displays error messages when accessed from the MSC portal. Due to this issue, the information populated in the Data Protection Summary and Service Utilization panels on Cloud Platform Console was not visible.

This issue has been fixed in this release.

Known Issues

Issue Description


DR Jobs will be shown only for the Default Organization of customers. DR Jobs for organizations created using Hybrid Workloads Management Console won't be visible. 

Workaround: Contact Support.

July 15, 2021

Fixed Issues

The following issue has been fixed in this release:

Issue Description


The Read-Only MSP Administrators could not access all MSP Events. This issue is now fixed.

June 22, 2021

Managed Services Center portal is now generally available!

Druva launches a brand new Managed Services Center (MSC) portal for Druva service providers to meet their data protection needs. By partnering up with Druva, service providers can now leverage Druva SaaS offerings and deliver best-in-class data protection solutions to their customers. 

The rich user interface of the Managed Services Center (MSC) portal enriches MSP Administrators to intuitively perform the following tasks:

  • Quickly create service plans based on the business needs and manage customers
  • Manage report and report subscriptions
  • Track credit and storage consumption
  • Facilitate role-based administration to effectively manage customers and service plans.
  • Manage events and alerts, and their subscriptions
  • Get insights into job activities for your configured workloads

For more information, see Managed Services Center

Customer action required: Contact the Druva Sales team to get started.

Known Issues

  • The Compliance Settings fields available on the Add Service Plan page are optional. However, the Cloud Push released on June 22, 2021, requires you to select the Workloads options while adding a service plan.
  • The Credit Quota field available on the Add Customer page is optional. However, the Cloud Push released on June 22, 2021, requires you to specify the credit quota while creating a customer.


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