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Druva Documentation

Validate Druva Product Checksum values

Problem description

After downloading clients, the checksum values do not match that is provided for security validation on Druva download pages.


Hijacked installer, trojan Installer, incorrect installer downloaded, or incorrect values posted on the downloads page.


You can use checksums to check files and other data for errors that occur during transmission or storage. For example, a file might not have properly downloaded due to network issues, or hard drive problems, and could have caused corruption in a file on disk.

If you know the checksum of the original file, you can run a checksum or hashing utility on it. If the resulting checksum matches, you know the file you have is identical.

Checksums are a useful way to ensure that a file doesn’t have an error. If a random error occurs due to download problems or hard drive issues, the resulting checksum will be different, even if it’s just a tiny error.

For Windows devices: 

Do the steps that follow: 

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains the downloaded MSI.
  2. On the Keyboard, press the shift key and using the mouse right-click within the white space of the windows explorer directory. A menu appears .
  3. Select Open Powershell window here option.

  4. Run check through Powershell

    certutil -hashfile inSync6.5.2r99097.msi <sha1,sha256,sha512,md5>


For Mac devices: 

Do the steps that follow: 

  1. Navigate to the directory for which the file exists.
  2. Run the command
    Shasum <md5, sha1, sha256, sha512>  /path/to/file

For Linux devices: 

Do the steps that follow: 

  1. Navigate to the directory in which the file exists
  2. Run OpenSSL command:
    openssl <sha1,sha256,sha512,md5>  /path/to/file