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Unable to access PST download link with Single Sign-On credentials

Problem description

When trying to access a PST download link with SSO credentials, the authentication fails. The problem description is as follows:

  • An inSync administrator can download any email data like Gmail or Exchange Online from inSync backup in PST format.

  • inSync converts the requested data into a PST file and then the link to download this PST File is available to the administrator through email.

  • When the administrator clicks on this link, he is directed to a download page with a prompt to enter credentials.

  • When the administrator enters the SSO credentials in an SSO setup, the authentication fails with the error: 401: Invalid email-id\username or password.


The PST download link cannot be accessed via SSO credentials. 


Option 1: Using inSync password for your administrator account. (Applicable only for a Druva Cloud Administrator account.)

  • Druva Cloud Administrators can use their fail-safe credentials to access the PST Download link.
  • If you do not have fail-safe credentials, then you may reset it and generate a new one as follows: 
  1. Request the other Druva Cloud Administrator to log in to the inSync Management Console.
  2. Click on the Left_Navigation_Bar_Hamburger_Icon.png icon to access the global navigation panel.
  3. Click Manage Administrators.
  4. Select your account and click Reset Password. You will get a Password Reset link in your email.
  5. Open the link in a web browser. Prefer to use an incognito session to avoid any credentials being cached.
  6. Create a new password for your account.

You can still continue to log in to the inSync Management Console using the Single Sign-On mechanism. You may use the new password that you created for accessing the PST download link.

NOTE: In an SSO setup environment, a product administrator, such as inSync Cloud administrator cannot use fail-safe credentials and can only use SSO credentials. Product administrators can use the following Option 2.

Option 2: Using inSync API Token. (Applicable for Druva Cloud Administrator as well as inSync Cloud administrator accounts)

  1. Log in to the inSync Management Console}.
  2. Click on the gear icon from the top navigation bar for Settings.
  3. Click inSync Settings.
  4. Click inSync APIs.
  5. Click Create new token.

Note: If a token was already created and is still valid, then you may also click Copy Token and use the same email and the token to access the PST Download link. 

6. Set an expiration date for the new token and then click Copy Token.

7. Use your email address and the token to access the PST Download Link.

You can use this token for any future PST downloads as long as the token has not expired.

Additional information

If the PST download link in the email is lost, then you can also find the link from the Admin Audit Trails in the inSync Management Console as follows:

  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Audit Trails.
  2. Click the Admin Audit Trails tab and add the following filters:
  • Activity Type: Select Restore, Download, & Share.
  • Administrator: Select the admin who triggered it or select All Administrators.
  • Time Period: Select the time of the PST download request as per your knowledge.

You will see the audit trails for the PST download request. You will also see the “<admin> has downloaded <user’s> data” audit trail in the activity result set. 

3. Click the drop-down arrow next to this audit trail to get the download link for the PST file.

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