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Troubleshooting failure to log on to inSync Web Console with (0,'Error') error

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows
  • Product edition: inSync On-Premise 5.8.4 and lower

Problem description

inSync user gets an error (0,'Error') while trying to login to inSync Web Console (https://<Server IP/FQDN>/home).



You may see the below error logs in inSync Management Console logs.

[2017-07-28 10:17:53,661] [ERROR] Failure during the active directory login. 
Error (0, 'Error') 
[2017-07-28 10:18:10,122] [ERROR] Failure during the active directory login. 
Error (0, 'Error') 


This error occurs when the Active Directory host IP/FQDN contains a space. The space can be at the start or at the end of the IP/FQDN. 


  1. Log on to inSync Management Console
  2. On the menu bar, click Profiles.
  3. Click the profile assigned to the user. 
  4. On the Backup Policies tab, click Edit.
  5. Check for spaces before and after the Active Directory host Ip/FQDN field and delete them. You can also re-enter the Active directory host IP or FQDN to ensure that unnecessary spares are removed. 
  6. Save the changes and ask the user to log on to inSync Web Console.

Contact Druva Support if the issue persists.