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Failed to load authentication key. Error: too many values to unpack

This article is applicable for:

  • OS: Windows 7.0 and later
  • InSync Cloud and inSync On Premise 5.7 and later

Problem description

When you try to activate the inSync client using the Authkey, it fails with the following error.

Authentication error.png


  • Incorrect configuration in the network settings. 
  • User activation URL is set as - <Name/IP of the server>:<port>
  • To verify this issue, open the .idk file and check if the values are as follows.
servers = ['Test.druvaLabs.local:443:443']


  1. Login to the inSync Admin console>Manage > Settings > Network sub-tab.
  2. Set the User Activation URL as the name or the FQDN only and remove the port number.
  3. The .idk file should now have servers flag value as follows 
servers = ['Test.druvaLabs.local:443']