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How to resume backups from an inactive device

This article applies to:

  • OS: All supported operating systems
  • Product edition: inSync Client (Cloud)


A device is marked inactive and backups are stopped when it fails to connect with the inSync Master for a time longer than the cut off time specified in the user profile. The persistent polling from the inSync Client to the inSyinc Master also stops when the device is marked inactive and the device gets listed in the inactive device list on the inSync Management Console.

Resume backups 

The only way to resume the scheduled backups from inSync Client is to reinstate the persistent polling of the inSync Client to the inSync Master. 

To reinstate the polling from the inSync Client, launch the inSync Client Agent using the steps provided in Start the inSync Client.

 Rebooting of the inactive device or restarting the inSync Client service does not resume polling.