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How to mass deploy inSync Client with the deployment tool using MAC script?

This article applies to:

  • OS: iOS
  • Product edition: inSync Cloud 


This article provides the procedure to mass deploy inSync Client on one or multiple Mac devices using a deployment tool. 

The deployment script must be approved through

The SCCM tool must approve the script to be able to perform the deployment for a single or a collection of Mac devices.  When started, the execution of the script is launched quickly through a high-priority system that times-out in one hour.  The results of the script are returned using a state message system.

Mass deploy inSync Client on Mac devices

Prerequisites:  Obtain the inSync mass deployment token from the inSync Management Console and keep it handy when you perform the mass deployment.

The sample script for installation on Mac devices is as follows:

set +x
user=`ls -l /dev/console | awk '//{print $3}'`
echo "loggedInUser:" $user  >> $U 2>&1
echo "Activating inSync" >> $U 2>&1
/Applications/Druva\ inSync/ --token "<token>" --master "" >> $U 2>&1
sleep 10 >> $U 2>&1
echo "Killing inSync" >> $U 2>&1
killall inSync >> $U 2>&1
echo "Launching inSync" >> $U 2>&1
su -l $user -c 'PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin/;open /Applications/Druva\ inSync/'
exit 0

The single quotation mark (') edited in "textedit" on Mac is replaced by an inverted comma (‘). The deployment script does not accept the inverted comma and fails. Use the Vim editor to edit inSyncConfig.ini as the editor rectifies the inverted comma to the correct quotation mark.


To select a collection of deployment devices 

  1. On the configuration manager console, click Assets and Compliance.
  2. In the Assets and Compliance workspace, click Device Collections.
  3. In The Device Collections list, click the collection of devices on which you want to run the script.
  4. Select the device collection to deploy and click Run Script.
  5. On the Script page of the Run Script wizard, select the script from the list. Only approved scripts are displayed in the list. 
  6. Click  Next and complete the wizard.