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How to add a deleted Cloud Apps account back to inSync for backups?



This article applies to inSync Cloud. If a user's Cloud App account was deleted, inSync Management Console cannot add the same account back for the same user to perform backups. This procedure describes the alternative method to configure such a Cloud App account again for the same user.

Note: Since the old CloudApps account was deleted, the old backup data is lost and cannot be recovered. Recreating the CloudApps account will result in a first full backup.

Add a deleted Cloud App account for backup

Before you begin

  • Ensure the Cloud App is enabled.
  • inSync user's email address must match the address registered with the Cloud App


  1. Identify the inSync user which has its cloud apps device missing.
  2. Identify the inSync user for whom the Cloud App account was deleted.
  3. Move the inSync user to a different profile in which Cloud Apps is enabled.
    This will automatically add the Cloud Apps account for the user.
  4. Verify whether backups are running.