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Configure a profile in Jamf to provide Full Disk access to inSync Client



This article provides the steps to create a policy in Jamf to provide full-disk access to the inSync Client.

Starting with Jamf Pro 10.9, you can configure the Privacy Preferences Policy Control profile as a separate payload in computer configuration profiles. This payload allows you to configure settings that allow or deny access to applications and services within a target computer's Security & Privacy preferences pane.

Create a Configuration profile in Jamf

  1. Log in to Jamf.
  2. Under the Computer tab, click Configuration Profiles > New.
  3. On the General tab, use the below configuration:
    • Enter a profile name. (For example: inSync)
    • Set Category as ITS Tools.
    • Set Level as Computer Level.

  4. Open the Terminal and run the following command:

    codesign -dr - /Applications/Druva\

    This should give us the following output:

  5. Under Privacy Preferences Policy, click Configure.

  6. Set IDENTIFIER as com.druva.insync

  7. From the Code Requirement field, copy the output from the word identifier till the word JN6HK3RMAP

  8. Depending on the type of backup setup under the inSync profile, add app or service and click Save.

  9. Target this policy on one of the systems from Jamf and verify whether full disk access is provided to inSync.

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