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inSync installation FAQs

List of questions

How much disk space do I need to install Master server?

An installation of inSync Master requires 125 MB of disk space.

What are the prerequisites for installing the Master server?

To know your system requirements, see Prerequisites for installing the Master server. You must make sure that your system adheres to these requirements before you install your Master server.

What is inSync Edge Server and how does it help?

To understand what inSync Edge Server is and how it works, see About inSync Edge Server.

What happens when the inSync Master license has expired?

When your inSync On-premise subscription has expired, the backup operations will fail. However, you can continue to restore data to user devices if users do not have the permission to restore data themselves. You can also continue to restore data to inSync Master in scenarios where users did not allow you to download their data.
You can contact Druva Support to resolve the issue.