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Guest user FAQs



This article applies to:

  • Product edition: inSync Cloud


Can I share data with a non-inSync user?

Yes. You can share data with a non-inSync user (also called guest user). You can share content with them by using share links or by adding them as a collaborator to your inSync Share folder.

For more information on how to create links, see Create and share a link.
For more information on how to share folders, see Configure folders for backup.

Are the guest users required to install inSync on their laptops?

No. Guest users are not required to install inSync on their laptops. 

Can my inSync administrator delete my guest users?

Yes. Your inSync administrator can delete your guest users.

What happens to the share data added by the inSync share guest account if the guest is deleted? Does the share data get deleted?

If a Guest account is deleted, the data shared or created by them remains intact. It is available to download and the data will be visible to the owner of the folder and also to other collaborators for this folder..

Can guest users create their own shares?

A guest user cannot create their own shares. They can only add data to the existing share (folder) provided they have edit permissions to it.

Is the share also removed when you delete the data or just the data that guest added is removed?

Both the share and the data remains intact as long as the owner of the share exists.

What if the owner of the share requires that data? 

The share owner can download the data as the data is not deleted and is still visible to him and other collaborators in the group.

How can we workaround this and keep that data, while still cleaning up guest accounts?

This is not needed as the data is not deleted.

How can we cleanup guest accounts that are old while still maintaining any data they have added to a share? 

Guest account clean-up has to be done by Admin manually, this cannot be done by an inSync Client user.

Can you tell which data is uploaded by the guest to the share?

Yes, this is visible under Updates section on the User Web Console. The owner of the folder & other collaborators of the folder can see this update.