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Share FAQs

This article has been deprecated after adding all its FAQs to inSync Share FAQs. This change was affected after receiving a change request from Piyush Lal from support.

The first question below is not added to cloud topics as it is specific to On-Premise.

Where is the share preview data cached?

The location of the Share Preview data depends on the location of the Data folder.

Usually, it is cached at the following location:


Is there any notification for newly added, deleted, changes to the file uploaded/shared in
the Workspace?

Currently, inSync does not send out any notifications for any changes made to the inSync share data.

I get an error while downloading a file via the inSync app on iOS and Android ‐ "File size is
greater than specified cache size". Why is this?

The error occurs, if the size of download exceeds the size permitted in the cache.

Follow the below steps to resolve it.

Go to Settings > App Settings > Cache : Cache Limit : Increase the cache limit.

Is the size of the workspace data counted against the user’s quota?

No, workspace is mapped to the storage and the size is not accounted for in the user’s quota.

Can a workspace be migrated from one storage to another?

No, a workspace is mapped to the storage and cannot be migrated.

Can users select folders that need to be synced to their devices?

Yes, inSync Clients have the ability to let users decide which folders need to be synced to the device. Refer to this article.

This is applicable to only inSync Cloud.

Can an administrator exclude certain files types from syncing across user devices?

Yes, administrators can specify the file types to exclude and include from syncing across user devices. The change takes effect on the next backup cycle. Administrators need to contact Druva Support to make this change. Refer to this article.

This is applicable to v5.8 Server and higher.