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Moving DB and DBlogs for Bynamo storage in inSync server

This article has been deprecated.


inSync storage comprises of 3 components:

  • Data 
  • db 
  • dblogs 

This article will guide you on how to move the db and dblogs to a new location.


Before you proceed with moving any of storage components, there are certain checks to be made which are as follows.

  1. Get the server logs and perform a sanity check for storage to ensure the concerned inSync storage does not have any existing issues.
  2. From the System and Application event logs of server, please verify that the server does not have any existing disk or NTFS issues. In case data is stored on SAN which is connected through iSCSI then check for related events as well.
  3. Get the details of new location where components are being moved, to cross verify if the hardware matches our recommendations.

If everything looks good then you may proceed with the following steps to perform the migration part.

  1. Complete manual Bynamo recovery for concerned storage. You may use the below mentioned article for same:
  2. Windows - Manual Bynamo Storage Recovery
  3. Linux - Manual Bynamo Storage Recovery
  4. ## Steps 2 - 4 are needed if you are moving dblogs to new location else goto step 5.
  5. Goto DB_CONFIG file in __bynamodb___ folder of concerned storage.
  6. Edit the same and update new path of dblogs there.
  7. Save the changes and close the file.
  8. Verify the size along with number of files of db and dblogs folder. [Take a screenshot]
  9. Copy them to new location. [Backup and Restore]
  10. Verify the size along with number of files of db and dblogs folder. [Take a screenshot ]


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