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How to use Network Throttling

This article has been deprecated on August 7, 2018, after the article content was found to be obsolete. 


The inSync Administrator can set the maximum bandwidth that each inSync client uses to sync with the server. The bandwidth can be chosen as an absolute value (KBps/MBps) or as a percentage of bandwidth available to the client. 

This article discusses network bandwidth management and throttling for each client. 

Configuring Network Bandwidth

You can define a connection type (LAN/WAN/Auto) for each Published IP address in the inSync Server's Network Settings (for details see How to Remotely Back Up Clients over WAN/VPN  ). For the client, a connection is identified as LAN/WAN connection depending on the Published IP address it is using to connect to the server.


 You can set a maximum bandwidth limit on each connection type i.e. you can set up throttling in the user's Profile Settings.


Suppose  you can restrict sync speed to 16 KBps for WAN and 64 KBps for LAN in the Profile. If the inSync client connects to the server using an IP address which has its Network type as LAN, it will limit its bandwidth usage to 64 KBps for sync purposes. If it connects to the server using  a WAN IP, it will limit the bandwidth usage to 16 KBps.

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Setting up Throttling

To set up bandwidth throttling:

  1. Open the inSync Server Control Panel and click Configuration > User Profiles > Manage > Resources > Edit.
  2. Modify the value of  Maximum bandwidth over LAN and Maximum bandwidth over WAN. You can set it in either in KBps, MBps or Percentage.


Client Bandwidth Checks

If a Published IP address is marked as AUTO, the inSync client will measure available bandwidth before starting synchronization to decide if the connection type is LAN or WAN. Any connection with 20 ms or higher TTL is identified as a WAN-based connection and one with a TTL less than 20 ms is considered to be a LAN-based connection.

The inSync agent measures RTT against the inSync server application using multiple packet sizes. For calculating available bandwidth and network latency, the inSync client first sends out a 32-byte packet and measures the time taken. Then it sends out a 1-byte packet and measures the time taken. So the calculated bandwidth is a crude estimate of the uplink-bandwidth available between the backup agent and server at that time.The amount of bandwidth to be used for backup will depend on what you set under inSync Server Control Panel.

Throttling from Client

If Allow the user to change network/CPU settings is checked, the user will be able to further adjust the bandwidth usage from the client side. The user can click the inSync icon from system tray, then click Configure > Settings and move the slider bar for setting bandwidth.

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