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How to customize the user activation e-mail message


This article describes how an administrator can customize the e-mail message sent to users in the activation e-mail.

Customizing the E-mail Message

When you create a new user manually, you can customize the Subject and Body fields in the activation mail as required. 

This is done by editing the inSyncServer.cfg  file and customizing the e-mail message in it.

Note: Before you make any changes to inSyncServer.cfg file, make sure that you keep a backup of the file.

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Editing the message in inSyncServer.cfg

To edit the inSyncServer.cfg file:

  1. Stop Druva inSync Server service.
  2. Stop Druva inSync Server Control Panel service.
  3. Navigate to the "C:\inSyncServer4" directory and open the file inSyncServer.cfg' with Notepad.
  4. Search for the string USERKEY_EMAIL. You will find the e-mail message body as listed in the next two sections.

For inSync 5.x:

USER_PASSWORD_EMAIL = {'body': 'Dear %USER%,\n\nUSER_PASSWORD_EMAILYour administrator has created a new Druva inSync account for you. inSync enables you to backup critical data from your devices and share files with colleagues securely.\n\nPlease follow the steps below to install and configure inSync:\n\n<tab> Download and install the inSync client from %WEBLINK%.\n\n<tab> Use the following information to log in to the inSync client:\n<tab><tab>Server URL : %SERVERS%\n<tab><tab>Email : %MAIL%\n<tab><tab>Password : %PASSWORD%\n<tab><tab>Note: Microsoft Outlook users can automatically log in by %LINK%.\n\n<tab> %SHAREMSG%\nSincerely,\nYour Druva inSync Administrator\n','subject': 'Your Druva inSync account information'}

For inSync 4.x:

" USERKEY_EMAIL = {'body': "Dear %USER%,\n\nThis is an automated email sent by the Druva inSync server upon request\nfrom the Druva inSync administrator.\n\nIn order to activate your inSync account, please save the attached\n%USER%.isk file and then use the 'Load Key'\nbutton in the inSync configuration GUI to load the key.\n\n",'subject': 'User authentication key from Druva inSync.'}"
  1. Customize the body of the e-mail as per your requirement and save the inSyncServer.cfg file.
  2. Start the Druva inSync Server service.
  3. Start the Druva inSync Server Control Panel service.
  4. Now reset the key for any user and see if the changes reflect in the new email.

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