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How to customize email message in inSync? (v5.4 and above)


This article describes how an administrator can customize the e-mail message sent to users in the activation e-mail. With 5.4 and above versions, editing the configuration file does not work. The recommended method is to edit the email message via the Admin Web console.

Customizing the E-mail Message

When you create a new user manually, you can customize the Subject and Body fields in the activation mail as required. Please follow the below mentioned steps:

1) Login to the inSync Admin Web Console.

2) Click on Manage->Users.



3) Click on “Create User” option at the bottom of the webpage. The “Create New User” window appears.


4) You can edit the “Body” section of the activation email that will be sent to the user.



5) This edited “Activation email” will be sent to all the new users that will be created after the change has been made.

Note: Upgrading the server to a higher version will not reset the customized user activation email back to the default text format.