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Export user data or obtain a copy of your data from inSync Cloud

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Deprecated after confirmation with Zuaib that this functionality is no more supported.


As an inSync Administrator, there are situations when you might want the copy of the data stored in inSync Cloud for your entire organization or specific users. In such cases, Druva recommends that you contact Druva Support to obtain a copy of your data.

Druva Support can assist you export:

  • Export data for all inSync users or specific inSync users in your organization.
  • Export data from the latest snapshot, snapshots within a date range, or the entire data set for the identified inSync users.
  • Druva does not have access to your data during the transfer process.
  • There is a fee associated with this Bulk Export Service. The fee is dependent on the amount of data you want to export, the number of users and other parameters such as the time taken to download the data and where you want your data transferred.


Contact Druva Support to learn more about the pricing and to submit a request to bulk export data.