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Collecting logs for troubleshooting backup/restore issues on an android device

This article has been deprecated as its content is obsolete.  Confirmed with Nishesh - mail ref: KBs updated with missing keywords.


This article provides Step by Step process to collect logs from your Android device.

  • Download the application Log collector from Play Store.

 Its a free app and can be downloaded from the market using the below link:

  • Re-produce the issue before launching the App.  

         Depending upon the issue perform the operation within inSync. 
Example: If you are troubleshooting a backup issue perform a backup on the Android device. Same can be done for a Restore issue or issues related to errors noticed during activating an Android Device.
The error should be replicated before the app is launched so that the logs contain information required to troubleshoot.
  • Launch the Log collector app from the app drawer.

The application prompts to collect logs from your device. Select OK to collect the logs. 



  •  Select an application to send the log.

The next screen gives us an option to send the logs via Email, Facebook & Gmail. Select 'Email' to send the logs to Druva Support.



  • Send the logs to support portal.




Druva Support will analyze the logs and contact you.