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Virtual machine refresh fails with the 'Failed to refresh vm list while deleting vms and vhost' error

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Problem description

When you attempt to refresh virtual machines on the All Virtual Machines page, the following error is displayed: 
Error in refreshing vCenter Vm list. Error : Failed to refresh vm list while deleting vms and vhost.


When you click the Refresh icon, the backup proxy gets the latest configuration from vCenter with the help of VMware APIs. In this scenario, the backup proxy is not able to send API calls to vCenter causing the failure to update the VM list on the Phoenix Management Console.


  • This error might occur if the backup proxy is deleted from the VMware environment but not removed from the Phoenix Management Console.
    1. Check if any stale entry for the backup proxy is present under Protect > VMware > vCenter/Hypervisor > Backup Proxy Pool.
    2. Delete the backup proxy from the Phoenix Management Console by associating another backup proxy to the virtual machines.
  • This error might also occur if the backup proxy is powered off or if there are network issues preventing the communication from the Phoenix Cloud and the backup proxy.
    1. Verify that the backup proxy is powered on.
    2. Ensure that the backup proxy can communicate on ports 443 and 902.