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VMware backup fails with the 'Backup Window Expired' error when the transport mode is changed from HotAdd

Problem description

  • Phoenix uses three types of the VMware Transport Modes.
    • HotAdd
    • NBD-SSL
    • NBD
  • The HotAdd mode is the fastest among the other two transport modes.
  • By default, Phoenix uses 'HotAdd' as the transport mode.

How to view the type of Transport Mode used in logs?

  1. On the Jobs page, click the VMware tab > Job ID .
  2. On the Job Details page, click the Progress Logs tab.
    The  Progress Logs tab displays the transport mode used as shown in the following screenshot:


  • Backup may fail with 'Backup Window expired' if the transport mode is changed from HotAdd to NBD or NBD-SSL as the other two modes will take time to backup as compared to HotAdd.
  • The Transport mode will be changed by VMware depending on the various scenarios.
    Click here for more information.

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