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The activation of the VMware Backup proxy fails with the error message "reason = 'unexpected error reading property'".

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Problem description

The activation of the VMware Backup proxy fails with the error message "reason = 'unexpected error reading property'".


The activation process encountered an error while attempting to retrieve the Network Configuration. This failure is likely due to incorrect settings in the Network Adapter configuration.


[2023-02-11 02:07:32,565] [ERROR] Error <class 'pyVmomi.VmomiSupport.vmodl.fault.SystemError'>:(vmodl.fault.SystemError)
  dynamicType = <unset>,
  dynamicProperty = (vmodl.DynamicProperty) [],
  msg = '',
  faultCause = <unset>,
  faultMessage = (vmodl.LocalizableMessage) [],
  reason = 'unexpected error reading property'
 Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "", line 321, in vmware_activate
 File "", line 379, in get_vm_detail
 File "pyVmomi/", line 574, in __call__
 File "pyVmomi/", line 394, in _InvokeAccessor
 File "pyVmomi/", line 47, in InvokeAccessor


Ensure that the network configuration settings are correct when deploying VMware,
Backup Proxy, follow these steps:

  1. Verify network connectivity:
    • Ensure that the network cables are properly connected to the VMware Backup Proxy server.
    • Check the network switch or router to confirm that the port connected to the VMware Backup Proxy is active and functioning correctly.
    • Validate that the network interface on the VMware Backup Proxy is enabled and has the appropriate IP settings configured.
  2. Validate IP configuration:
    • Review the IP configuration of the VMware Backup Proxy server and ensure that it has a valid IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server settings.
    • Verify that the IP settings are in the correct network range and do not conflict with other devices on the network.
    • If necessary, reconfigure the IP settings of the VMware Backup Proxy to match the network requirements.
  3. Check firewall and network security settings:
    • Ensure that the necessary ports and protocols are open on the firewall to allow communication between the VMware Backup Proxy and other relevant network components, such as the vCenter Server or storage devices.
    • Reference:
    • Confirm that any network security policies or restrictions do not block the required traffic for VMware Backup Proxy operations.
    • Make any adjustments to the firewall or network security settings as needed to permit the necessary communication.
    • Test network connectivity:
    • Ping the vCenter Server, storage devices, or any other relevant network resources from the VMware Backup Proxy server to verify connectivity.
    • If the ping test fails, troubleshoot the network configuration, including IP settings, DNS resolution, and firewall settings, to identify and resolve the connectivity issue.
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