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How to Increase the Cloudcache data disk from 1 TB


Problem description:

Default Cloudcache data disk which 1 TB  is full i.e 100%

Filesystem: /dev/mapper/vg1-vol1

Mounted on : /mnt/data

Use%: 100%



Cloudcache store size is full



Steps to follow

  1. Firstly Extend the disk in VMware to new size

  2. Connect to linux cloud cache using Putty session

  3. Run the below commands

df -h

fdisk -l

  1. Execute the below command to reflect the new size also on the physical volume

pvresize /dev/sdb

  1. Extend the volume group with below command

lvextend --size 1.21T /dev/mapper/vg1-vol1

*Note: Mentione the size of the data disk 


  1. Extend the filesystem with below command

resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg1-vol1


  1. Run the below command and verify the new size of the /dev/mapper/vg1-vol1

df -h