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How to move Phoenix log and configuration directory to a custom location



This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows
  • Product edition: Phoenix


This article describes the steps to move the Phoenix log and configuration directories from its default location (C:\ProgramData\Phoenix) to a custom location on a Windows Server. Use these steps when the default drive where Phoenix is installed does not have sufficient disk space. Druva recommends to check the system requirements information before you install Phoenix on Windows Server.

For information on prerequisites and configuration details for Phoenix, refer:

Move Phoenix configuration and log directory

Prerequisite: Stop all the Phoenix processes running on the server.

  1. Go to service.msc and stop Druva Phoenix Agent Client Service.
  2. Copy the Phoenix directory from C:\ProgramData\Phoenix to the target location, for example D:\Phoenix Agent\.
    You can choose any location which has sufficient space to store data. 
  3. Rename the Phoenix directory at the default location to C:\ProgramData\Phoenix.Moved.
  4. Open the command prompt as administrator and run command:

    C:\Users\Administrator>mklink /j "C:\ProgramData\Phoenix" "D:\Phoenix Agent\Phoenix"  
    This creates a junction point under C:\ProgramData\Phoenix.
  5. Start Phoenix agent services and verify whether all the services are running correctly.

Note: After verifying all the Phoenix agent services are running perfectly, you can delete the Phoenix directory from C:\ProgramData\Phoenix.Moved.