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How to create junction points for Phoenix when C: drive runs out of free space

This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows 
  • Product edition: All versions of Phoenix agent 


If the free space on the C: drive of the Windows Server, running the Phoenix agent, becomes critically low, Phoenix backups may fail. Consider a scenario in which the drive cannot be extended and the only option is to move the Phoenix configuration files to another drive and still ensure that the backups succeed without any issues.

This article describes how to create junction points in such a scenario using mklink for Phoenix configuration files on a different drive.

Create junction points

The following procedure provides the steps to create junction points for C:\ProgramData\Phoenix.

  1. Open the Services console on your Windows Server and stop all the Phoenix services.
  2. Open Task Manager and verify none of the Phoenix processes are running.
  3. Go to C:\ProgramData directory and move the Phoenix folder to the target drive (such as D:\Phoenix\) with the required free space.
  4. Open the command prompt and create a junction point using the following command. 

    mklink /j C:\ProgramData\Phoenix D:\Phoenix

    where D:\Phoenix is the new location of the Phoenix folder.
  5. Verify whether the junction point is created successfully and points to the new location.
  6. Start the Phoenix service and trigger a manual backup to verify backups are running successfully. 

Contact Druva Support if the above solution fails.