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How to create Symlinks to move Phoenix Config and Logs to a different location on Linux file server?

This article applies to Phoenix Cloud.


This article explains how a Server Administrator can move /var/Phoenix and /var/log/Phoenix to a different drive when the root drive is found to have very last space.

Symbolic links have been used for this scenario.

Procedure to move Phoenix Config and logs

You can use symbolic link to make /var/Phoenix directory point to the new location on the volume which has more space. 

  1. Stop Phoenix service 
    /etc/init.d/Phoenix stop
  2. Move the current data in /var/Phoenix data to the new location.
  3. Mount /var/Phoenix to a new location using the following symbolic link command.
    ln -s /var/Phoenix /path/to/symlink<path to new location>
  4. Start the Phoenix service.
    /etc/init.d/Phoenix start