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Druva Documentation

vCenter migration guidelines

This article applies to:

  • Platform: vCenter
  • Product edition: Phoenix


This article provides the considerations and guidelines to be followed while migrating the vCenter server.

vCenter migration scenarios and considerations

Consider the following scenarios as Druva backup proxy registers only once and tags to a vCenter server’s FQDN or IP address. Migrating backup proxy is only recommended in scenario 2.

Scenario 1: Perform a new deployment based on the FQDN/IP changes

  • Deploy the new vCenter backup proxy and register the new vCenter Server with Phoenix on the Phoenix Management Console if the FQDN/IP of the vCenter.
  • Configure the virtual machines again to the backup set.
  • The first backup will be a full backup, but it will include the global deduplication when the FQDN/IP changes.
  • Do not delete the backup sets configured on the old vCenter Server (Protect > VMware page), as it contains the old recovery point.
  • Delete the old backup proxies. 

Scenario 2: Migrate to an existing vCenter server with the same FQDN/IP

  • If the credentials remain the same, just reboot the backup proxy.
  • If credentials are changed,  update the credentials on the Phoenix Management Console for the certificate to update on the backup proxy. Do not deploy a new backup proxy.
  • The next backup is a differential backup.

In both the above scenarios, there is no loss of the backup recovery point.