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Restore Checks in Phoenix

This article explains the following points in detail:

What are restore checks

Phoenix provides restore checks to proactively check the consistency of backed up data or snapshots on a regular basis. This service is implemented in the Phoenix Cloud. Restore checks are performed periodically on the latest available snapshot for every backup set. If any inconsistencies are found, Phoenix tries to fix the issues.                                                                                                                                                                                  

When does restore check run

Restore checks are triggered along with the weekly compaction cycle and share the same schedule. If inconsistencies are found for any snapshots, that backup set becomes eligible again for a restore check in the subsequent cycle, which is triggered with every weekly compaction.                                              

Criteria for restore checks
  1. Each backup set undergoes restore checks periodically.
  2. If restore checks for a backup set succeed, the backup set becomes eligible for restore checks again in the next cycle.
  3. If restore checks for a backup set do not succeed or any inconsistencies are found in the snapshot, Phoenix fixes these inconsistencies.
  4. Restore checks for a newly added backup set are triggered by default in the next scheduled cycle. However, if the first backup of that backup set has not completed, the backup set is skipped and picked up again in the very next cycle.