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Avoid antivirus interference with Phoenix DRaaS program or process




Antivirus programs may sometimes lock actively used files or folders of other applications. 

If any such application locks the Phoenix DRaaS program or process, it may result in corruption or unexpected behavior. Hence, it is highly recommended to add exclusions for the Phoenix DRaaS program or process.

Application processes or programs of Phoenix DRaaS

  • Ec2Install.exe
  • Citrix_xensetup.exe
  • systeminfo.exe
  • dotnetfx45.exe
  • AWSPVDriverSetup8.2.1.msi
  • dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe
  • AmazonSSMAgentSetup.exe
  • XenGuestAgent.exe
  • wic_x86_enu.exe
  • wic_x64_enu.exe
  • WiXEC2ConfigSetup_64.msi
  • C:\Druva\Model\cli.exe
  • C:\Druva\Service\rmservice.exe
  • C:\Druva\Model\run_model.bat

Steps to perform on the source VM when DR failover is failing due to Antivirus

  1. Whitelist application process or program of Phoenix DRaaS.
  2. Run the VM backup.
  3. Update the DR copy.
  4. Perform the DR failover (with DEBUG_TW = True in the AWS proxy).
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