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How to remove desktop shortcut while deploying inSync using IMD

This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows devices
  • Product edition: inSync  Client


This article provides the steps to deploy inSync on Windows devices using IMD without creating an inSync desktop icon on the user's device. The inSync icon, however, is displayed in the system tray.


  • The command provided in the steps below can be used after running the IMD script for deployment through an SCCM or a deployment tool.
  • The command fails if the desktop path is different (or redirected) or if the desktop is protected by OneDrive.  With OneDrive, Microsoft released a new feature where when Desktop and My Documents are protected by OneDrive, their location changes from C:\Users\<Username>\Desktop to C:\Users\<Username>\OneDrive\Desktop. The same goes for My Documents.

IMD without creating desktop shortcuts

Run the following command after running the IMD script (without the HEADLESS parameter). This command deletes the inSync desktop icon but retains the one in the system tray.

del "C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\Druva inSync.lnk"

Do not use the HEADLESS parameter in the IMD script as it hides the inSync shortcut from the desktop as well as the system tray.

See the reference reads provided below for IMD script and parameter details.