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How to recover the data of a user who has left the organization?

This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows, iOS
  • Product edition: inSync Cloud 


This article provides the various methods to recover the backed up data of a user who has left the organization. 

Pre-checks to perform before data recovery

An inSync Administrator can access the user data across the entire organization by default.  However, you need to check the relevant user profile for the values configured in the following fields:

  • Allow admin access to user data: Yes
  • Allow users to edit privacy settings: No/Yes

If Allow user to edit privacy settings is set to Yes, the user may have set Allow admin access to user data to No. In such a case,  restoring the user data may not be possible.

As a workaround, install and reactivate the inSync Client on the same device and set the Allow admin access to user data to Yes from the  Privacy setting of the inSync Client.

Recover user data

From inSync Management Console

An inSync Administrator can download the user data from the inSync Management Console using the following steps:

  1. Login to the inSync Management Console and click Users.
  2. Click the username for whom you want to download the data.
  3. Select the device name and click Download.
    The user data gets downloaded in a zip file.

From inSync Client 

If the data is large, Druva recommends to restore using  the inSync Client:

  1.  Download inSync on the machine. 
  2. Install and activate inSync on a device using the same auth key of the user whose data you want to recover.
  3. Stop the backup that is initiated at the time of the client activation and click Restore on the client.
  4. Select the snapshots and the folders to restore.
  5. Set the restore location as Desktop. inSync creates a new folder on the desktop and restores all the data to the folder.

From inSync Web console

An inSync Administrator can login to inSync Web console using the credentials of the user whose data needs to be recovered.  Druva recommends using this method only to restore a small amount of data. The Allow restore from a Web browser setting must be set to Yes in the user profile for thise method to succeed. 

  1. Login to the inSync Web Console with the credentials of the user whose data needs to be recovered.

    URL for Cloud:

    URL for On-Premise: <FQDN/IP address of the inSync Master server>/home

  2. Select the folders that need to be recovered and click Download selected. InSync downloads the data in a zip format.