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Backup proxy VM gets listed among other VMs configured for backup

This article applies to:

  • Product edition: Phoenix

Problem description

Sometimes Phoenix Management Console lists the backup proxy VM among the other VMs configured for backup.  This happens when multiple backup proxies are configured in the environment.


This issue is caused due to one of the following:

  • Backup proxy VM is not registered or activated after installation.
  • The VM list on the Phoenix Management Console has not been refreshed.

Phoenix fetches the list of VMs from the host once every 24 hours and removes the backup proxy VMs from the list displayed on Phoenix Management Console under All Virtual Machines. If not registered, Phoenix fails to identify the backup proxy VM and lists it with other VMs on the console.


  • Register the backup proxy to enable Phoenix to filter out the VM from the list of backup VMs.
  • If the backup proxy is already registered and yet displayed on the Phoenix Management Console, refresh the VM on the console.
    Go to Organizations, Click Protect > VMware > click ESXi > click the blue refresh button which is next to the search box and appears with the text: Last updated on <timestamp>