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Druva Documentation

Create a workspace

License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.

Before you begin

  • You create the storage to which you plan to attach the workspace.
  • You appoint a manager for the workspace. You can appoint an inSync user or a share group as the manager. The manager can add and delete collaborators from the workspace. 
  • (Optional) You can create share groups so that you can quickly add members to a workspace.


To create a workspace

  1. Click Menubar.jpg to access the Global Navigation Panel > Share. The Share Overview page opens.
  2. Open the Workspaces tab.
  3. Click Create Workspace. The Create Workspace  window appears.
  4. Provide the appropriate information for each field.
    Field Action
    Workspace name Enter the name for the workspace.
    Storage Select the storage to which you want to assign the workspace from the list.
    Assigned to

    Select the user or share group that can manage collaborators to the workspace.

    Note: The user or the share group that you select is the manager of the workspace.
  5. Click Save. The newly created Share is listed on the Workspaces tab.
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