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About share groups

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A share group is a group of inSync users who can share data between themselves. A share group acts as an alias and ensures a simple, one-operation data share experience between members. Users can share files with the entire group instead of individual members, which makes data share quicker. New users of a share group can access shared data within the group, which makes collaboration simpler. 

Some of the benefits of using share groups are:

  • Share groups are simple to create. Server administrators can follow a wizard-based procedure to quickly create share groups.
  • Share groups make data share simple. Users only need to select a group to share data with multiple users.
  • You can add users to a share group at any time. New users can access data that other users shared earlier, which eliminates the need of sharing the same data repeatedly.
  • Users can add share groups as collaborators just as they add individual users as collaborators. Using share groups requires no added learning curve. 
  • You can create share groups only if you are a server administrator.
  • You can add only inSync users to a share group. You cannot add guest users to a share group.
  • A user can belong to multiple share groups.
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