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Troubleshoot inSync Share

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Overlay icons

Issue: Overlay icons

Overlay icons on shared files and folders are not being updated on a user laptop. For example, the overlay icon on a file indicates that sync is in progress. However, inSync already completed syncing the file.


This issue can occur on Mac or Windows laptops. To resolve this issue:

  • Restart Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on the user's laptop.


  • Ask the user to log off from the laptop and then log in again.

Sync failure

Issue: Permission denied when syncing

A user is unable to synchronize files. The following error appears :

Sync Failed - Permission denied.

This issue occurs only for users of Mac or Linux laptops. This issue occurs when users copy a file to a shared folder on which they only have a view permission.

To better understand the cause of this issue, consider the following example: Arun uses a Windows laptop whereas Dave uses a Mac laptop. John shared a folder named View_Files with Arun and Dave, and granted them the View permission.

Both Arun and Dave synced the View_Files folder to respective laptops and tried to copy a file in the View_Files folder with different results:

  • Arun, who uses a Windows laptop, is unable to copy files to a share folder on which he does not have edit permissions.
  • Dave, who uses a Mac, is able to copy files to the share folder. However, Dave does not have edit permission on the folder so the sync operation fails.


To resolve the issue, ask users to delete files they have added to share folders on which they do not have edit permission.

Issue: Unable to sync file or folder with same name or different case

A user is unable to synchronize files or folders with same name or different case. The following error appears:

Sync Failed - A file/folder with the same name but different case exists. Will retry.


This issue occurs when the user has files or folders with the same name, but different case in the same folder on inSync Share. Ask the user to rename one of the files or folders.

Shared document preview

Issue: Problems when viewing documents shared using links

Users are facing problems when viewing documents that inSync users shared using links. Some documents previews do not appear or lack clarity.


The default settings for previewing documents can cause some issues in previewing documents. For example, by default, preview is available only for documents that are less than 32 MB. If you want to allow users to preview documents larger than 32 MB, contact Support.