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Create and Modify Scripts

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Supported inSync mobile app versions:3.7 or later

Work with Scripts

Create new scripts

You can provide services more efficiently by using scripts to automate tasks. Efficiently and expediently providing services and solutions to your Clients will lead to higher Client satisfaction. Scripts are created in the Script Editor and can be made to target a Computer, Client, Mobile Device, Network Device or Contact. For more information, see Creating New Scripts.

Modify existing scripts

To monitor the inSync Client tasks, you can edit the existing scripts available. Some LabTech default scripts cannot be modified and if any changes are attempted you will be notified that they are not editable and in order to make any changes to the script, you must first make a copy of the script and make changes to the copy. It is recommended that before you make changes to any script, that you first create a copy and make changes to the copy. For more information, see Editing Scripts

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