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A customized logo on the dashboard can help MSPs promote their brand with their end customers. The administrator can upload co-branding assets using the Branding tab available on the MSP Management Console.

Note: Before adding new customers, ensure their brand logos are uploaded.

To upload branding assets

  1. On the inSync MSP Console menu bar, click Settings > Branding.
  2. Select the logo to be uploaded and click Upload.

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Field Description
Preview Displays the logo preview once the image is uploaded.

Displays the name of the logo file uploaded.

The different types of header logos to be updated are:

  • Header logo (Web UI) - Filename of the logo that is displayed when you log into the MSP Management Console.
  • Header Logo (Web UI for Share) - Filename of the logo that is displayed on the Share login page.
  • Login Screen Logo - Filename of the logo that is displayed on the MSP Management Console login page.
  • Client UI Logo - Filename of the logo that is displayed on the client interface.
  • Mobile UI Logo - Filename of the logo that is displayed in the mobile interface.

Displays the recommended dimensions and specifications for uploading the logo:

  • Fit the logo image within a frame of 80px X 27px.
  • Try to leave approximately 5px padding from all sides.
  • For high resolution devices, double the size of the image before uploading.
Format Displays the format in which the logo image should be uploaded. Only PNG format is supported.
Upload Click on the Upload link to upload the logo image.
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