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Manage Customers


The Manage Customers tab allows the MSP administrator to add, edit, upgrade, suspend customer licenses. 

Some MSPs are granted access to create commercial customers directly when the MSP is created or updated. Such MSPs can create, edit, upgrade or suspend customers themselves. By default, this access is disabled for all MSPs.
create new customer.png

The customer details like License type, Activation Date, Expiry Date, the number of Licensed Users, Add-Ons, Storage Used and Storage License are displayed. The Login button is enabled only if the logged in MSP Administrator is assigned as an Administrator on inSync Management Console for the selected customer account. An MSP Administrator with seamless access can only use the Login button to access the inSync Management Console.

If the MSP Administrator logs out of inSync Management Console, the session on MSP Management Console will not get terminated. 

Administrators can now search information of a particular customer using their name, license, storage, etc in the Search box located at the top-right corner of MSP Management Console.
manage customers login.png


This section contains detailed instructions about how you can:

Add a new customer

Edit a customer

Upgrade a customer

Suspend a customer account

Reactivate an expired customer

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