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Druva Documentation

MSP Dashboard


The MSP Management Console Dashboard displays the statistics of active customers based on the Edition and Add-on attached rates. 

Administrators can now search information of a particular customer using their name, license, storage, etc in the Search box located at the top-right corner of MSP Management Console.


Active Customers by Edition

The active customers are categorized based on the edition type. The editions are assigned to the customers when the customer account is created by MSP administrator:

  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Elite
  • Elite Plus

Add on attach rates

Add-on attach rates is the percentage of customers who have opted for the selected Druva offering from the total number of customers:

  • inSync Share
  • CloudCache


  • Any Edition or Add-on which is not enabled while creating an MSP customer, will be displayed as NA.
  • Any enabled Edition or Add-on which does not have an existing customer is displayed as 0.