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Access and edit Druva Share files from third-party apps

Describes how you can edit Druva Share files from third-party apps.

Using iOS Druva Mobile App you can directly open and edit Druva share files within the third-party app such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. For example, if you have a "Feedback.docx" file in your Druva share folder, then, you can open this file using the Microsoft Word app on your iOS device, make the required edits and then save the file. The file gets saved in your Druva share folder.

To access Druva share files from third-party apps

  1. On your iOS device, open the app from which you want to access the Share files.
  2. Open the Druva app from the Locations option in the app. The Share section is displayed. 
  3. Navigate to the folder that contains the file that you want to edit and tap the desired file. The file opens in the app. 
  4. Make the necessary edits and save your edits. A Your upload has been completed successfully message is displayed. 
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