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Sync changes across your devices

Using the Druva Mobile App, you can access, update, and sync your shared content across all your devices where the inSync Client is installed.  For example, you can create a document on your laptop and share this document with your collaborators. You can access this file on the Druva Mobile App and update it. This updated file is available to your collaborators immediately. You can also access this updated file across all your devices.


To update a file

  1. On the Druva Mobile App sidebar, in the SHARE DATA area, tap All Content or Shared Content.
  2. Browse to the location where the file that you want to update is located.
  3. Tap the file that you want to update. The file opens in the default app that is configured on your device.
  4. Tap open with.png. A list with additional options appears.
  5. Tap Open In.... The Open In... window appears.
  6. Tap the third-party in which you want to open the file.
  7. After you make the required changes, tap Save As.
  8. TapUpload.pngto upload the file to its original location. The updates are automatically synced across your devices.
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