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About share links

Using the Druva Mobile App, you can create a link to share content with others. The users with whom you want to share content do need to be Druva share users. Any person with whom you share the URL can access the content.

Types of share links

The following table lists the different types of share links that you can create by using the Druva Mobile App.

Link-type Description
Download link

People who have access to a download link can download the content that you shared with them. You can create download links for any type of file.

View link

People who have access to a view link can view the document that you shared with them on a Web browser. They cannot download the documents that you shared with them.

You should create view links only for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF documents.

Security for share links

To prevent unauthorized access to your content, if your administrator enabled password protection for your shared links, a person must have both the share link and the password to access the document that you shared. You can specify the number of days that you want the download link to remain active. When this link expires, anyone with whom your users shared their content cannot download the shared content.